Friday, October 24, 2008

Yet another TAG...............

Tag your Hubby is it.....
1) Where did you meet? He served his mission in this area.
2) How long did you date before you got married? We met the end of Feb. He was released from his mission the last of March, and we were married August 11th.
3) How long have you been married? 24 years
4) What is your favorite feature of his? His legs.....:)
5) What is your favorite quality of his? I admit sometimes it drives me crazy, but I love that he is always so concerned about everyone......... even strangers.
6) Does he have a nickname for you? Lovey, Nay Nay....and this one usually gets him in a whole lot of trouble.......Mother of my loins. YUK!!!!!!!! and I'm really sorry!
7) What is his favorite food? Besides anything that I cook...and if you read the last tag that is not much. So his favorite is.....Indonesian food with lots of curry.
8) What is his favorite sport? Hockey and more hockey. But lately it is anything that is on ESPN. Thanks Brad G. Another favorite is Fly fishing.
9) When and where was your first kiss? At my house.
10) What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? We enjoy going to dinner, traveling and boating with the kids and grandkids.
12) Does he have a hidden talent? He can sing really well.
13) How old is he? Brad is 48.
14) Who said "I love you" first? Brad
15) What is his favorite type of music? Anything from the 50's. He should have been born in the 50's.
16) What do you admire the most about him? He is a hard worker and has a very strong testimony, and he is the best husband and father.
17) Do you think he will read this? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!


Julie C. said...

:D Brad is such a nice gentleman. And curry really isn't that bad, depending on what it's on. If it's Indian food...then yum.

Adam said...

Isn't curry an Indian spice thing anyway?? Yeah a few of those answers should be tagged as "TMI" Bomb shelter lol you guys are nasty... The middle of the day? Really?

Jeana said...

just thought you might like to know that apparently there are some bomb shelters in centerville. A couple you actually know is buying a house with one in the backyard, but I'm not telling who so that you don't bug them to let you come over!! :)

Julie C. said...

Yes, Adam...pretty much. (Not to sound stupid here because yes, I did look this up) The roots of curry come from Indian roots. Although it has been adapted in other places in the world as well.

Brad and Kathy said...

Adam... I don't know what you are talking about....nasty answers what the heck. You must have been reading someone elses blog.Just having a little fun! :)

Beckie said...

Mom what a cute tag! You guys definetly LOVE to travel and how about boating more next summer! Thanks.....:)

Adam said...

I think ya read my comment wrong.. Just said you guys are "nasty" sharing the bomb shelter thing lol. The rest of your answers were awesome!! I have to give you a hard time... Who else will??