Thursday, August 21, 2008

4th of July!

Every year as a family we go to the Clearfield Fireworks. They are so amazing we always get there early to save our perfect spot and eat all the junk food that we can! With that also comes the bordom of just sitting and waiting for the show to start. This year was no different, so take up our time the kids and grandkids decided to have a push-up contest, sit-up contest and finally wrestling. Like usual I snapped the perfect picture at the perfect time. We always have such a great time whenever we get together, just another great memory we can share!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Super Mable

Our family LOVES to go boating! Whenever we do it's not about the skiing or wakeboarding, no no, The Super Mable is where it's at! This is a 3-man tube with 52 handles on it, so if you start to fall off just start grabbing! So we were at Bear Lake with a couple of friends, while we were on the boat the boys wanted to see how much air they could get, so sure enough Brad was more than willing to send them flying! With me on the camera, we were just waiting to see the looks on their faces! Sure enough like this picture so accurately describes the boys were all peeing their pants, but if you were to ask them now if they were scared they would just say oh no! We figured from this picture that the boys were about 5 1/2 feet above the water! They landed it perfectly nobody fell off, but as soon as it landed we all just started laughing, its a great memory we all get to share now! Hopefully this summer we will be able to out-do ourselves!! We look forward to the boys stupidity!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Grandkids

We are so lucky to have the cutest and funnest grandkids in the world! Brad and Beckie have their 3 kids Hannah (6), Livie (4), and Boston (1 1/2). Then, Adam and Jeana have one Landon (almost 2). Hannah is the ring leader of them all and is always finding new friends. Livie is the quiet but deadly one, she will love you with her big eyes and have you giving her whatever she wants! Landon is the tank, he will run into a wall or jump off the couch just to see if the floor can handle it, he loves pain! A good thing once hockey comes around. Finally, Boston this kid never stops smiling he loves to see and play with new people, he always brightens our day! We love all of our grandkids so much, we just cant wait to get more!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So for those of you who still haven't heard, Brad and I finally got sealed in the Logan Temple July 1, 2006. We were so excited when we finally got the news that we could do this we have waited so long!

We are funny!

So last Christmas Brad and I had a great idea for presents for our married kids. We thought why not give them gift cards that we can personalize with their pictures. The only catch was we were just going to ask our kids for just a good picture, of course if you really know our family this is what we think is normal! These are the pictures that showed up on the kids' cards, so they had to show the cashier this picture when they went to use their present! We are so funny!!!

This is our newest family picture as of Fall 2007. We went up to Pineview Dam and of course Jake made us take his best friend Myleaux (Mylo). We are so excited to see our family grow! We already have 4 grandchildren and are waiting till somebody breaks the news of another!!