Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dunn's River Falls.......Ocho Rios, Jamaica

This is the Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica. I think everyone would tell you that this was their favorite thing to do. We hiked up the face of the waterfall, it was a riot. In some spots it was kinda scary, it was very slippery so we all had to hold hands and help each other up. The water was freezing!!! I don't think anyone fell but Beckie. I was ahead of her and told her to watch out for this hole, but I forgot to tell her about a tree. So she ran right into the tree because she was so concerned about not falling into the hole. Sorry Beck!!!!!


Beckie said...

By far the funnest excursion on the trip. And let me just say, I am not the only one who fell, thank you very much. Ok I did fall the most, but not the only one! lol

Ashley said...

What an awesome trip! I love stuff like that. I've been debating whether to fly somewhere or cruise this spring, and I think this may have sealed the deal. But will it be as fun without the Sawyer clan on board keeping the whole boat entertained?