Sunday, October 26, 2008

Do the Starfish..........or NOT!!!

This was our fun filled day on the GREAT island of Haiti. Everyone had this big idea that they wanted to go do the 1800 foot zipline called the Dragon' s Rock. It was the scariest thing I have ever done. Of course I was the only one who didn't like it. We were told by our instructor that we needed to ride the Zipline in the "Starfish" position. This was both arms and legs sticking out and with your chest pushing forward against the harness. It was all fun and games for everyone else but me. I couldn't seem to let go of the straps. So that is why in the picture everyone is doing the "Starfish" and I am doing what I did, just holding on for dear life. The funny part is, at the end of the line your suppose to hold the harness..... Oh but not me, I listened to the guy at the end who told me to do the "Starfish" and I believed him just to have me hit the brakes at the end and my sunglasses went flying into the bushes. I still think they are
laughing about the stupid lady from Utah.

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Beckie said...

One of the top five funniest moments on the trip, the whole zipline experience! lol....soooo funny!