Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nieces Wedding

Yesterday was my niece Dayna's wedding. She was married at Cactus & Tropicals. It is a nursery by day, and at night they rent it out for wedding receptions. It really was a amazing place. My parents, Beckie and I rode down together, and since it is on 123rd south we left pretty early. Needless to say we got there about 45 minutes too early. So what did Beckie and I do? We walked around this awesome place and took some fun pictures. After the ceremony they had a reception with the most amazing food. They had a buffet of chicken, shrimp, tons of different cheeses (Brie, YUM!!!) and crackers, lots of fruit, and did I mention all the different chocolates. Beckie and I couldn't stay away, and it was all her fault. It really was a fun night. It was good to be able to visit with my sister, and her son who I don't get to see very often. Can you believe I didn't get one picture of the bride & groom...Congratulations Dayna & Jimmy!

I love this picture of my parents!!!
My Dad is so funny! He has this dry sense of humor, and he usually is pretty quiet, but not last night. All the way down to the wedding he is the back seat of my car saying, "Are we there yet?" "I have to go to the pee." Maybe he was trying to get me back from all the rode trips we took when I was younger. He certainly is a funny guy. Love you Mom & Dad

Beckie and I both want this fountain in our yard!!!

So pretty!!!

My Dad, my sister Raelene, My Mom, Beckie & me.

I don't even know what to say other than we
had a lot of time to kill.

Beckie loved these doors. I don't quite know what I am doing.


Beckie said...

Oh we are funny! That was a good time :) I really do LOVE those doors! How do you think I could find some?

Adam said...

Whatever you call that "diet" your on is working pretty well!!! Keep it up! Super sweet awesomeness!!

Kathy said...

wow you guys look awesome! Mom WOW you look amazing!! Beck, you also look beautiful!!!

Peace Out!