Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Lipper Ripper"

A few weeks before Jake left on his mission Brad decided that he was going to have a fishing tournament with the boys. In case you didn't know we are such a competitive family!!! Brad, Jake and I went out the night before, and found this really old trohpy that we brought home, and they transformed it into the "LIPPER RIPPER" trophy. So Brad teamed up with Jake, and Josh & Adam were a team. They went down to the Provo River, and each team was only allowed 1 rod. There was one team on one side of the river, and the other team on the other side. They would cast in their line and catch a fish and then pass it off to the other person on their team. I think the whole contest last 4 or 5 hours. YUK!!! I can't think of anything worse. Needless to say Brad and Jake won...I think it was very close 21 to 19. Everyone had a great time!!! Now... you might ask what happened to the wonderful trophy...well it now has a prominent place in our entertainment center in the family room.
I really wish the other team would have won!!! :(

The winners of the first annual "Lipper Ripper" fishing contest.

The Fishermen


Adam said...

Coolest trophy ever!! That was fun. Can't wait to battle it out next year. Dad and Jake won only because they were catching a ton of little fish babies and Josh and I were reeling in the big ol fatties! Took us longer to get em in!

Beckie said...

lol....I would have loved to have been there! It is a fabulous trophy!

Josh and Bo Sawyer said...

My partner is right... Dad and Jake may have caught more, but according to state law, we were able to take ours home and mount on the wall if we wanted to. Dad and Jake's all had to be thrown back!

In all fishing tournaments its the weight that counts!

Kathy said...

In defense of Jake and I...we kicked your trash! The rules were set...it was number not size, so it sounds like you're both of you are just whining. Jake and I owned you...we improvised and overcame your early lead. Next time...one of us is going to have to fish with Beckie or Brad. And if the truth were known, Jake and I caught the two biggest fish of the day...we have proof! We've got the "Lipper Ripper!" Jealous, jealous, jealous...yeehaa! Love Dad