Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Day at the Splash Park with Grandma, Uncle Jake & Aunt Jeana!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago Jake and I got to spend the afternoon with all the grandkids. We decided to take them to the newly built splash park that is just down the street from us! Landon wanted to jump in every mud pit or splash of water he could find, he was having so much fun!! We loved watching Hannah and Livie following each other, meeting new friends and laughing. Boston, sat right next to us and ate his chicken nuggets, on occasion he would sneak over to the other kids and see what they had to eat so we would go chase him down! That little kid is fast!!


Beckie said...

Awww...what a cute grandma! Thank goodness Boston didn't poop on you this time! lol

Adam, Jeana, and Landon said...

I believe it was a day with grandma, jake, and aunt jeana. So thanks for including me :( Just kidding. Pictures are cute, I'll need to get copies from ya :)

Adam, Jeana, and Landon said...

Love the update!!! Thanks : )