Friday, August 15, 2008

The Grandkids

We are so lucky to have the cutest and funnest grandkids in the world! Brad and Beckie have their 3 kids Hannah (6), Livie (4), and Boston (1 1/2). Then, Adam and Jeana have one Landon (almost 2). Hannah is the ring leader of them all and is always finding new friends. Livie is the quiet but deadly one, she will love you with her big eyes and have you giving her whatever she wants! Landon is the tank, he will run into a wall or jump off the couch just to see if the floor can handle it, he loves pain! A good thing once hockey comes around. Finally, Boston this kid never stops smiling he loves to see and play with new people, he always brightens our day! We love all of our grandkids so much, we just cant wait to get more!!!

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Beckie said...

ok you posting nazi's....welcome to the blogging world! I am so proud! Love you guys!