Thursday, August 21, 2008

4th of July!

Every year as a family we go to the Clearfield Fireworks. They are so amazing we always get there early to save our perfect spot and eat all the junk food that we can! With that also comes the bordom of just sitting and waiting for the show to start. This year was no different, so take up our time the kids and grandkids decided to have a push-up contest, sit-up contest and finally wrestling. Like usual I snapped the perfect picture at the perfect time. We always have such a great time whenever we get together, just another great memory we can share!


Beckie said...

We are such a cute and fun family.....I am glad everyone takes after me since I am the oldest! lol

Adam, Jeana, and Landon said...

you forget beck your the experimental child!!

Donahue Family said...

Can I just say that I LOVE YOUR FAMILY and want to be part of it!!
You guys are the coolest ever. I want in! :)
I miss Beckie so much. We use to have SO much fun together.
I dont know the rest of your children, but still love em just the same. ;)
You guys are great!
(Mindy from NY)