Friday, December 4, 2009

Landon's Birthday

Landon celebrated his 3rd birthday yesterday. I really can't believe his is that old, time really does go by way to fast. Adam & Jeana had a really fun party for him. He really likes all the super heroes, so that was the theme of the party. Everyone dressed up as their favorite hero, or they made a super hero up. There was Captain Candles, Captain Chaos, Dog Women, Spider Woman, Drama Queen, Super Purple Princess, Optimus Prime...and a ton more, I just can't think of them. These themed parties that my grand kids have for their birthday's are so much fun. A great way to celebrate. Landon we hope you had a fun day...We love you!!!

Blowing out the candles.

Landon got a slide for the backyard...right now it's just in his
playroom, the kids had a ton of fun on it.

Best Buddies

Candle Man...
Birthday Celebrator Extraordinaire

Landon's girlfriend...Bella :)

Opening one of his many, many, many gifts!

Spider Woman

Captain Chaos

Captain Static Cling and Dog Woman!

The Purple Princess

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