Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dad's Birthday

My great Dad had his 79th birthday yesterday. We got all the family together and had cake and ice cream. I think he was a little overwhelmed especially when he saw the two cakes that had all 79 candles on them. Brad, Jake and I gave Dad a self propelled lawnmower. It would take Dad a couple of days to mow his really small yard with his normal mower. So now all he has to do is simply walk behind this one and guide it along. Hope you enjoy it Dad. We love you.


Jana said...

What a nice daughter you are, good for you!! I really would love to see you some time again in this lifetime!! I hope you know how great you are and how much Beckie looks up to you!! :) She is a great mom because of you and your example!!

Jana said...

Happy Mothers Day too, what a dork I am!!

Beckie said...

I bet grandpa LOVED the gift! You take such good care of them. What a great picture of grandpa!